What Is eMarketing Factsheet

What Is eMarketing

By its very definition eMarketing is a range of methodologies that are used to sell goods and services both on and off line.  More recently, however, eMarketing has become thought of as ‘eMail marketing’ (a common misconception). 

So what is the difference between eMarketing and Online Marketing?

In reality there is not much difference, both embrace the same methodologies. Primarily eMarketing takes the principals of traditional marketing and translates this to the online world. One key benefit being that the nature of ‘online’ removes the geographic boundaries that limit traditional media marketing.

eMarketing (or Online Marketing) can take many forms, and continues to develop with new innovations all the time, the most common methodolgies include;

PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)
Affiliate Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
CPM - Display Advertising
Social Media Advertising
eMail Marketing

In business today, eMarketing (or online advertising as it is often referred to) have become an essential  part of most companies online marketing mix.  Year on year companies are allocating increasingly high resources to advertising and marketing online and this is hardly surprising as the shift from offline to online continues to grow.

Schemes such as ‘laptops for everyone’ and increasing end user awareness of the benefits of shopping online have contributed substantially to the increased rise business online.  This in turn has created a shift from traditional marketing to eMarketing and this is set to continue in the years to come.

Principles of eMarketing

eMarketing embraces many of the basic principles of traditional marketing with a few differentiating factors. One key advantage to eMarketing is that results can be quantified, allowing you to work more effectively, generate higher ROI’s and in turn increasing profitability. A well implemented eMarketing strategy can achieve a more cost effective customer acquisition than traditional marketing. The ‘reach’ of eMarketing campaigns means that substantial incremental sales can be achieved online without effecting any other marketing efforts.

New Increased Audience / Reach

Geograhpic location often becomes irrelevant through eMarketing. The nature of the internet means that a potential customer can be anywhere across the globe. Unlike traditional marketing methodologies the power of the web means that prospects and clients can become a part of your companies marketing mix 24-7 and anywhere in the world.

New Routes To Market

Marketing embraces routes to market that simply do not exist with traditional media/marketing. Its no longer a case of just advertising through search engines and broadcast email shots. The use of new media such as social networking, viral marketing and other methodologies exclsuive to the online world provide access to groups of customers that would previously have been unreachable.

Economical Marketing

Utilising online technologies can make a substantial eduction to marketing budgets. By accurately targeting you core audience, eMarketing can often provide the most cost effective way to increase customer base, raise your brand awareness and stay in touch with your customers.

Full Accountability

eMarketing (when implemented correctly) provides full accountability for its results. Online activities are fully trackable and can accurately show your ROI (return on investment), this means that you can see the value of every eMarketing pound you spend.


No matter what reasons you may have for advertising online, a combination of these factors can really make the eMarketing model most appealing to YOUR business.

Whether its referred to as eMarketing, Online Marketing or online advertising one thing is clear.  The industry is here to stay and current growth is set to continue for the years to come. 

Making the right strategic and commercial choices for business partners and relationships is essential if you are to grow your online business.

How eMarketingSolution Can Help Your Websites eMarketing

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