Affiliate Marketing Tracking Solutions

EMS Track - online sales tracking solution

Keeping track on your online sales from the affiliate channel can provide a range of challenges, even to the most technically advanced companies.

EMS Track offers one of the most comprehensive tracking solutions available and can take the headache out of managing online sales channels such as affiliate marketing.

The EMS track system is currently used by over 30 hotel chains around the world as well as many independent partners

Key features of EMS Track include:

  • Easy implementation
  • Real time tracking of transactions
  • 24-7 user interface with live reporting
  • Track sales from all of your online channels
  • Monitor and manage your ROI and online spend
  • Export comprehensive marketing reports
  • Cross network tracking allowing you to manage multiple affiliate networks on one place
  • Cross channel tracking allowing you to manage and compare ROI on mulitple channels simultaneously
  • Invoice management modules
  • Works seemlessly with other solutions


To find out more information about EMS track and how it can benefit your affiliate channel and online marketing contact us to discuss your requirements.

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